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Griffith College Photography Exhibition

August 11, 2010
by Quirky Fashion

Dear Readers, you really can’t say that this summer is boring in Dublin! Not only the weather is relatively pleasant, although in a slightly unpredictable way but the cultural life is also no less enjoyable!

At least I am having great fun attending all the inspiring events. The latest one that grabbed my attention is the photography exhibition showcasing the works of recent Griffith College graduates. It held my interest for two reasons. One is the picturesque venue, Cowshed Theatre on Farmleigh, located in the heart of Phoenix Park,and  the other is the theme of the exhibition. The mix of commercial and fine art images explore the concept of possession and ownership in contemporary society -  a topic that couldn’t be more timely and timeless at the same time. See you there!

Griffith College graduades photo exhibition

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Vintage and Craft Market with Grace Kelly

July 30, 2010

My Dear Vintage and Craft Lovers, I hope you are looking forward to the long weekend! If you decided to stay in Dublin and are thinking about nice thing to do, Vintage and Craft Market is something you might be interested in. The fair is held on Saturday, 31st of July from 11 am to 5 pm in Airfield, Dundrum.

You can browse through hand-made and costume jewellery, vintage clothing, vinyl records, and much more! What makes it special is the screening of iconic Grace Kelly in Rear Window, the ultimate treat for fashion and style lovers!

If you are interested but can’t make it this weekend, don’t worry, the Vintage and Craft Market is held every last Saturday of the month.


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Re-dress Ireland

July 26, 2010

We all know by now that ethical fashion is not only a fleeting trend but a way towards the future. We can all do so much to stay fashionable yet ethical – from being more conscious and prudent shoppers to unleashing our creativity and making as well reworking our existing clothes. And doing so not to be cool or trendy, but simply because it makes sense.  A lot of people think they can’t even sew a button but sometimes a little nudge is enough to teach us more inventiveness and resourcefulness. Like learning styling techniques or basic crafting skills.

Ethical Dublin fashion

So if you are eager to change your old ways, you can take the first step towards being more creative and attend Crafternoon Tea Design Crash where Dublin designers will teach you the basics of the design process, pattern drafting, alterations (very handy when the hem is too long or you need a bit of a nip in the waist), and reworking old clothes into fabulous new ones for  €90, lunch included, on the 14th of August.  Also, keep your eyes because some other exciting events like French Knickers and Coctails, Curious Collars, and Embroidery Embellishment are coming soon!

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3M Fashion Design Competition

July 23, 2010

I have always had a secret passion for stationary products. I can spend hours going through pens, notebooks, scissors, and adhesives. They give me a sense of order and calm, at the same time stimulate my imagination and promise a perspective of creativity. Anybody with me?
Another grand passion of mine, as you have probably figured reading my blog, is fashion and making clothes. So I can’t possibly imagine a greater joy them combining the two – an access to a bunch of stationary products of my choice to create a stunning piece of clothing. Yessss! You want specifics? You do, ok, here you go!
3M are organizing a fashion competition which you can enter on your own, or as a team of maximum 4. All you have to do is register before the 31st of July, pay a fee of €5 to support The Children’s Sunshine Home and Laura Lynn House, and  select 15 products from the list specified by 3M.  The package will be posted to you. Select them carefully as the 15 products is all you will have to create a full garment with a WOW factor. Very Project Runway-like, isn’t it? ;) The top designs will be displayed “on the runway” at the 3M Fashion-it fashion show on September 16th 2010.
If you are as intrigued as I am, read some more details on their Facebbok page.!/pages/3M-Fashion-It/126449414051243?ref=ts

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Made By Arms

July 19, 2010

If you ask me, my last two weeks were pretty hectic. An hour ride on the bus, a quick stroll along the Dublin Grand Canal, and then 6 hours of intense sketching, pattern making, cutting, pinning, sewing, you name it!

Yes, I have finally made up my mind to enrol into Grafton Academy’s one month full time summer course to give a bit of a kick to my prolonged evening studies. So I literally breathed fashion and creativity all day long, which was amazing. But as inspiring and artistic as it sounds, I didn’t look anything like it – combats and t-shirts were my outfit every day. Not very ‘’designery’’, is it? So I though, it would be great to have some super comfortable, super practical clothes that also look stylish. And then I remembered that my friend Belle (who is a designer herself) mentioned this really cool brand.

Made by arms dublin fashion label

Created by Dublin based Australian designer Renate Henschke, the brand is called ARMS. Made by Arms clothes are inspired by the “environment and tools of modern craftspeople” and carry little details that resemble and serve so as to keep stationary products – like an envelope shaped pocket, or little placements for pens and pencils, the definite lines of a square meter stick. The clothes are pressed in a non compromising fashion, and the whole look is super neat and structured look but at the same time has a very artistic and quirky vibe.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get sick of pretty and feminine and crave practicality, a kind of working uniform for running around and doing stuff. You know what I mean?

made by arms dublin fashion label

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