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Irish Bloggers Get Together

August 23, 2010
by Quirky Fashion

Blogging a still a new phenomenon, and even more so in Ireland!

When I started White Rabbit a year ago, I managed to google only a handful of Irish Bloggers but I have been discovering great new blogs almost every month since then. And I have to say that Irish bloggers have a quite unique voice of huge variety!

 But while in many countries there is a very strong blogging community, it seems that here on Emerald Island there are not that many opportunities for bloggers to get together, to support each other, to bounce ideas off each other, or simply share the joys and frustrations of everyday blogging. And not only online!  As much as I appreciate online presence, there is nothing better then putting a real face to the writers of your favourite blogs!
So I am really grateful to Whisty for taking the initiative and organizing the first Blogger’s Bash on the 18th of September!

If you are an Irish Blogger and would like to attend the event let me know in a comment or e-mail and I will send you the details.

We want this event to be as open and accessible as possible for everybody, and we want to repeat it often!  So don’t be shy and get in touch!

Irish Bloggers meeting 2010

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EYPs Madhatter Tea Party & Fashion Show

August 19, 2010

Dear Readers, my sincere apologies for the late notice (although one may say that better late than never!), if you haven’t made any plans for Friday night and you like last minute invitations, here is an amazing idea how to spend your big night out!

European Young Professionals’ (EYP) Dublin is hosting their second annual Tea Party and Fashion Show on Friday, August 20th at Gibson Hotel at The Point (red luas stop).

EYPs Madhatter Tea Party & Fashion Show

You will enjoy a wonderful night of complimentary drinks and entertainment while one of the best Irish Designers will showcase their work with the support of Ireland’s Top Models (see this month’s IMAGE issue!)  According to the theme of the night, the Madhatter,  the evening will also hold a hat auction including the renowned Minevich Designs to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Ireland.
Tickets for this event are €8 in advance and €10 at the door.
Following the event, feel free to hit the after-party at Krystle  with free admission and discounted drinks! Enjoy!

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Summer Clothes

August 17, 2010

Dear Readers,

I’d had another fantastic weekend which made the following rainy days so much more bearable! Last Saturday I was wearing my newly purchased beach dress by Karolina Schlagner that made me feel like spending the evening on a sunlit terrace of a seaside restaurant. I miss the ”real” summer days the most when it is the sunniest in Ireland. It feels almost the same yet I know that when the sun comes down, the cool night will bring the feeling of nostalgia for the balmy summer nights rich with aroma and noise of living things…

These were my thoughts when I put on the dress and found some accessories. I bought the earrings and the cuff two years ago in Tenerife from a lovely German lady who was selling jewellery in the lobby of the hotel I was staying at. Since I was spending my short break on my own, I ended up chatting to her every day on my way to the beach. It was one of those encounters that in some way inspire and refresh you.

I guess all those feelings and memories did inspire me again as I got this sudden idea to go out and have dinner somewhere nice. Since I moved to Kildare I haven’t really got to know any of the local restaurants, so I ended up searching on the net. I after a few clicks I came a cross a lovely French restaurant call Vie de Chateaux overlooking the canal in Naas. My boyfriend and I ended up having one of the loveliest evenings ever enjoying Irish summer and tasty French food  thanks to some clothes and some summer memories.


Dress: Secret Style by Karolina Schlagner, Shoes: Dunnes, Earrings and cuff: handmade, Clutch: Body Shop

How to style a summer outfit

How to style a summer outfit

How to style a summer outfit

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White Rabbit meets Lady Umbrella

August 13, 2010

Lady Umbrella  may not keep me dry but  paired with a rain jacket it is definitely a perfect outfit for Dublin summer when one moment it is warm and sunny and the other it is pouring rain.

I’ve recently rediscovered this old thrifted rain jacket which I throw in my bag every morning and put on when it is chilly or rainy. An umbrella is out of question at the moment, unless a I grow an  extra arm to carry it together with the rest of my staff  I tend to have with me, and maybe improve my short term memory as well so I don’t keep forgetting it on the bus! Why do people bother with umrellas when there are rain coats?? I know, I know, the shoes, and the makeup. Well, it is not a problem as I managed to sleep in every day this week and had no time for makeup. Also taking the bus and walk a lot these days, no no heels either.  

T-Shirt: Lady Umbrella, Rain jacket: thrifted, Pants: thrifted, Shoes: Zerep

Lady Umbrella tee

Lady Umrella and Rain Coat

Lady Umrella and Rain Coat

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Trip to the Loft Market

August 12, 2010

My Dear Readers, it is almost Friday and I can only hope that it will be as great as my last Friday. Let me tell you about it!

I had just finished a tough week in school and decided to treat myself to something I haven’t done in ages – shopping. Shopping has become pretty much forbidden territory for me since I took a month of unpaid leave from work to study full time in Grafton Academy – and also decided to take on surfing (c’mon White Rabbit, why don’t you give yourself a break and stop having a new hobby every week, maybe then you will also stop  moaning that you are too busy and tired) as a new hobby. But you know what, I haven’t really missed it that much, at least not the high street version of it -  I find trends more and more predictable and oppressing, and after visiting two or three stores displaying exactly the same styles, I was filled with boredom and frustration. Why get rid of hard earned cash for something everybody wears now and that will become disposable next year? It is funny because I actually love browsing magazines and blogs  checking out new directions and looks but once they hit the stores I lose interest. 

So I headed straight for the Loft Market in Powerscourt Shopping Centre. It is a place I  love to visit to browse through original clothes and accessories and chat to the designers. Even when I don’t buy anything, the Loft is an amazing source of inspiration where I always feel welcome.  I like the feeling of getting to know the clothes and the story behind them before taking my favourites home.  So I would back again and again and when I am ready and if my chosen piece is still there I’d buy it. And if it is not you can always arrange with the designer to make something similar for you. It is the most unique shopping experience!

 So since I heard that they had some really good  sales on, I knew right away  that was the place I would exhaust my shopping budget. I left over an hour later, with a warm feeling in my heart and my bag full of treasures. Well, maybe not so full, but definitely rich with three amazing pieces – slouchy wool pants from Sinead Doyle’s  AW 09/10 collection (I have been eyeing them for ages!), a jersey beach dress by Karolina Schlagner which will be great for apres surfing ;) , (I know the summer is almost over but that is why I love timeless pieces!), and a quirky Lady Umbrella tee in bright yellow! Keep an eye on the blog because the looks styled by White Rabbit are coming soon!

My happy Friday continued with listening to some lovely jazz music by Colette Quartet in candle lit D-Light Studios while sipping wine and ended by getting totally hammered in Toast after a few more glasses! I don’t think I will repeat the experience tomorrow but hey, all in moderation! :)


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