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Homeless Gallery Revisited

July 6, 2011
by Quirky Fashion

Dear Readers,

I haven’t been out a lot lately for various reasons, including moving to a  faraway place called ”The Hideaway” (no kidding, we bought a house in Wicklow that is actually called like that, but changing the name would cause all kind of complications, like confusing the postman, so I thought, let it be, a bit of cheese can’t do any harm).

But still, I can’t get around the fact the we live in a house that has its own name, instead of a anonymous number somewhere in the middle of a concrete jungle, which would be my natural ground, Ranelagh being the closest to a village I’ve ever lived in. But it is time to go back to the original subject…

What was I saying? Oh yes, complaining about not being out much, as usual.

 So, when I saw that the Homeless Gallery Photography Exhibition is on again, I said to myself now or never, got into my little car, and drove for an hour to get to D-Light Studios for an evening of fun and inspiration. I yet again, I was not disappointed…

There were ingenuous photo displays:

Homeless Gallery, Dublin

Some mad dancing:

The Homeless Gallery, Dublin

And one of my favourite photographers, Tuesday Jane from iLvstrated Photography, exhibiting her work, including one from a photo shoot I styled (more about it later, watch this space):

Model: Kirsten Haugh, Makeup: Oksana Makeup, Hair: Ann-Marie Browne

Model: Kirsten Haugh, Makeup: Oksana Makeup, Hair: Ann-Marie Browne, Top: Sinead Doyle, Headpiece: Merlixa

I hope to see you there next year!

Talk soon,

Alice Merlics
Facebook Merlixa Styling & Millinery
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