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Irish Bloggers Get Together

August 23, 2010
by Quirky Fashion

Blogging a still a new phenomenon, and even more so in Ireland!

When I started White Rabbit a year ago, I managed to google only a handful of Irish Bloggers but I have been discovering great new blogs almost every month since then. And I have to say that Irish bloggers have a quite unique voice of huge variety!

 But while in many countries there is a very strong blogging community, it seems that here on Emerald Island there are not that many opportunities for bloggers to get together, to support each other, to bounce ideas off each other, or simply share the joys and frustrations of everyday blogging. And not only online!  As much as I appreciate online presence, there is nothing better then putting a real face to the writers of your favourite blogs!
So I am really grateful to Whisty for taking the initiative and organizing the first Blogger’s Bash on the 18th of September!

If you are an Irish Blogger and would like to attend the event let me know in a comment or e-mail and I will send you the details.

We want this event to be as open and accessible as possible for everybody, and we want to repeat it often!  So don’t be shy and get in touch!

Irish Bloggers meeting 2010

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7 Comments leave one →
  1. August 23, 2010 4:55 pm

    Amazing post! We want LOADS of bloggers to come along! Xx

  2. August 23, 2010 5:24 pm

    This is a brilliant idea so thanks Alice for posting this. Hopefully lots of us will turn up for an eclectic meet up.

  3. August 23, 2010 8:16 pm

    Count me in Alice, I’d love to go :)

  4. August 24, 2010 8:04 pm

    Woooo! It’s going to be great!

  5. August 26, 2010 5:20 pm

    Oh, I would love to go if I had the weekend off work! Perhaps I could get the details from you and then check my roster for that Saturday.

  6. jenniemc permalink
    September 14, 2010 5:24 pm

    muchos looking forward to it!!!


  7. September 16, 2010 5:39 pm

    I’d love to go!
    [email protected]

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