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White Rabbit meets Lady Umbrella

August 13, 2010

Lady Umbrella  may not keep me dry but  paired with a rain jacket it is definitely a perfect outfit for Dublin summer when one moment it is warm and sunny and the other it is pouring rain.

I’ve recently rediscovered this old thrifted rain jacket which I throw in my bag every morning and put on when it is chilly or rainy. An umbrella is out of question at the moment, unless a I grow an  extra arm to carry it together with the rest of my staff  I tend to have with me, and maybe improve my short term memory as well so I don’t keep forgetting it on the bus! Why do people bother with umrellas when there are rain coats?? I know, I know, the shoes, and the makeup. Well, it is not a problem as I managed to sleep in every day this week and had no time for makeup. Also taking the bus and walk a lot these days, no no heels either.  

T-Shirt: Lady Umbrella, Rain jacket: thrifted, Pants: thrifted, Shoes: Zerep

Lady Umbrella tee

Lady Umrella and Rain Coat

Lady Umrella and Rain Coat

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  1. August 15, 2010 2:34 pm

    Ole – thanks for the sweet blog mention..Was great to meet you last week and great that you enjoyed your trip to the Loft – hope to see you in here again soon :)

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