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Dark Angel – A tribute film to Sophie Lancaster

November 27, 2009
by Quirky Fashion

The 20 years old Sophie Lancaster was kicked to death in August, 2007, for simply dressing differently – she was part of goth subculture.

It is horrible  that people only start paying attention after a terrible tragedy. In this case Sophie’s futile death resulted in an organization against prejudice, hatred and intolerance everywhere, and is supported by Illamasqua cosmetics that is exclusive to BT2 Grafton Street. €4 from each Sophie Medium Pencil (€15) are going to the charity.

Together with Sophie’s Foundation, Illamasqua created a short animated movie telling Sophie’s tragic story and featuring Portishead, the iconic British Band.

The film launches on MTV on the 26th November, Sophie’s birthday.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation hopes to generate 500,000 to fund national youth workshops on tolerance. But they can only deliver this essential education programme with your help.

Please, show your support and watch the film. The organization hopes to reach 1,000,000 hits, so forward the link and help to spread the message. The below image from the Dark Angel movie will take you to Illamasqua website where you can watch the full movie and purchase the pensil.

The image will take you to Illamasqua website where you can watch the short movie about Sophie

Dark Angel

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  1. November 27, 2009 2:16 pm

    Wow…it is so incredibly sad that a murder took place for that reason. Yet, so inspiring that so many people came together to create a movie to tell Sophie’s story. Its awesome that such a huge musical act as Portishead joined on to the project, love them!

  2. White Rabbit permalink*
    November 27, 2009 3:49 pm

    Yes, death of a person can make people feel vangeful and bitter, so this is a good example of the opposite. Hopefully Sophie’s death won’t be so pointless in the context.

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