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Quirky Dublin Fashion

September 1, 2009

Last week, when I was writing “Swop” With Me!, I promised to introduce the organizers – Deirdre Cantwell and Karolina Schlagner. Karolina and Deirdre are best friends which doesn’t surprise me at all!

They share a love for unique style, ethical fashion and vintage clothes. You’ve already read about swop, their shared adventure. So let’s have a peek into their separate endeavours.

Deirdre is the owner of Quack+Dirk, a quirky boutique in Fairview, selling one off pieces for a very affordable price.

Quack+Dirk Cottage Chick

Quack+Dirk Cottage Chick

When I visited Deirdre’s website I was intrigued even before I went to check the clothes and accessories. It is unique, quirky and fun. And there is so much more to it than you would expect from a boutique website. A carrot cake recipe, glimpses into the happenings of the boutique’s every day life, regular newsletter– it is all so personal and cosy…

Quack+Dirk "Don't be late"

Quack+Dirk "Don't be late"

The clothes and accessories of Quack+Dirk reflect the same style – the range is an eclectic mix of individual pieces Deirdre makes herself or carefully sources from London.

Karolina Shlagner Stylist and Fashion Designer

Karolina modelling for Quack+Dirk














Karolina is selling her own range of clothing in the Loft Market in Powerscourt, and has recently launched her own styling labelSecret Style.

I had a short chat with Karolina at swop and her personal story has really appealed to me.

After moving from Poland to Ireland 3 years ago Karolina was working in business sector until she lost her job in May. It gave her courage to start her own business as Stylist and Fashion Designer launching her own label– Secret Style. We both agreed that, sometimes, having nothing to lose helps you to win. 

I was also very surprised to learn that Karolina only started making her own clothes 2 years ago. I would have never thought so from looking at her exquisitely made clothes!!

Karolina is not trying to show off her designer skills by creating fancy pieces everybody admires but nobody wears – her clothes are practical but feminine and romantic, and she likes wearing them herself. She is following the same principle in her styling services – being stylish is about having a unique personality and feeling comfortable. Karolina was also one of the designers of the Fashion Breakthrough, you will find her in my gallery.       


Karolina Shlagner

Deirdre modelling for Secret Style

Karolina Shlagner

Deirdre modelling for Secret Style

And it seems that the girls have more on their shared fashion plate !  They are organizing a Fashion Show on the 25th of September and I will be back with more details very soon!

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