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”Swop” With Me!

August 28, 2009

I have a confession to make. I haven’t seen Coco Before Chanel, the ”it” movie about fashion. I know, I know…too busy writing my blog, ok?  I almost made it on Thursday night though but something came up.  Something I happily ”swopped” the Chanel movie for.

No, it wasn’t a hot date. If you stop interrupting me I will tell you what it was.

I was  in the Dublin Art Mill swapping clothes. Ok, I will explain.

Swop  is a clothes exhange project where people from all over Dublin bring selected clothes and swap them for other stylish pieces. Exactly, the same kind of thing everybody does with friends, except at swop the selection is much bigger and you also get to meet new people and spend a few hours in a warm and friendly environment. Organised by designer and stylist Karolina Schlagner and the owner of Quack+ Dirk Boutique Deirdre Cantwell, the event was worth every minute!

Deirdra and Karolina

Deirdre and Karolina

The idea started with a few friends having a good time but grew into a significant event with 75 people attending!

We were greeted with wine and muffins and that girly buzz only clothes can create. I spent an amazing couple of hours browsing through rails of fabulous dresses. I brought 5 pieces of my own so I could choose 5 to take home. I am so delighted with my findings that will probably spend another few hours playing dress up with them over the weekend!Will keep you updated with pics of my outfits!

Swapping clothes

Swapping clothes

Swapping clothes

Swapping clothes

So I assume you are all excited now and want to know when is the next one. It should be in about two months but if you sign up on swop you will get an invitation on your e-mail address. I also heard they are planning to have a Christmas session with mulled wine and maybe a short movie…

I just think it is such a great idea!  In my next posts I would like to introduce the organizers, Deirdre and Karolina, a truly inspiring pair in Irish fashion.

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