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Homeless Gallery Revisited

July 6, 2011
by Quirky Fashion

Dear Readers,

I haven’t been out a lot lately for various reasons, including moving to a  faraway place called ”The Hideaway” (no kidding, we bought a house in Wicklow that is actually called like that, but changing the name would cause all kind of complications, like confusing the postman, so I thought, let it be, a bit of cheese can’t do any harm).

But still, I can’t get around the fact the we live in a house that has its own name, instead of a anonymous number somewhere in the middle of a concrete jungle, which would be my natural ground, Ranelagh being the closest to a village I’ve ever lived in. But it is time to go back to the original subject…

What was I saying? Oh yes, complaining about not being out much, as usual.

 So, when I saw that the Homeless Gallery Photography Exhibition is on again, I said to myself now or never, got into my little car, and drove for an hour to get to D-Light Studios for an evening of fun and inspiration. I yet again, I was not disappointed…

There were ingenuous photo displays:

Homeless Gallery, Dublin

Some mad dancing:

The Homeless Gallery, Dublin

And one of my favourite photographers, Tuesday Jane from iLvstrated Photography, exhibiting her work, including one from a photo shoot I styled (more about it later, watch this space):

Model: Kirsten Haugh, Makeup: Oksana Makeup, Hair: Ann-Marie Browne

Model: Kirsten Haugh, Makeup: Oksana Makeup, Hair: Ann-Marie Browne, Top: Sinead Doyle, Headpiece: Merlixa

I hope to see you there next year!

Talk soon,

Alice Merlics
Facebook Merlixa Styling & Millinery

Re-Dress Again!

February 27, 2011

Once somebody told me that blogging is like a relationship, you start off with loads off excitement, prepare every post with great care, every new comment is a big deal, and your friends hate you because that is all you can talk about! But as the days go by, blogging becomes part of your daily life, there are some tough moments, sometimes you get bitter and fed up….it is how you go though it that determines the success of your blog.

The relationship I have with my blog is, how should I put it, complicated, or lets just  say it is one of those on and off ones. Now, to stay with the metaphor, I don’ believe on and off relationships would ever work, so should I be worried? I don’t know but I definitely want to give it a try!

Now, there must be something that inspired my comeback, you might think. And it is true and you can learn all about it!

re-dress Ireland

Re-Dress Ireland, are organising a series of lectures and workshops to promote ethical fashion, including Shoe Upcycling, Corsetry, Awareness Wardrobe and many more.

Re-dress Ireland was set up in 2008 to support ethical fashion practices and have since become reknown for their courses, events, and collaborations. Now, eqipped with a much bigger space just off Leeson Street, their premises (which are also open for hire) offer even more opportunities for exciting classes and events. Check Out their new website for more information!

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Theresa Burger Jewellery

October 22, 2010

When I saw Theresa Burger‘s designs I said to myself, yes, that is exactly the kind of jewellery I see myself wearing every day, the kind of accessories that would express my personality without overpowering it…

I do believe that the way we accessorize tells a lot about who we are.

Theresa Burger Jewellery

Having been always attracted to accessories that blend in naturally with my natural look, no wonder I fell in love Theresa’s Africa Rich collection.

Some of them are bold geometric shapes, others raw and untamed, Theresa created pieces that are both nostalgically rustic and familiarly urban. She mixes metals, wood and resin to add a contemporary edge to her organic designs. Theresa studied jewellery design and manufacturing in South Africa and has recently relocated to Kildare, Ireland. Good news for Dubliners – Theresa is displaying at Dublin Design Week together with other talented designers.

Theresa Burger Jewellery


Theresa Burger earrings

Theresa Burger rings

Theresa Burger necklace

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3M Fashion Competition – Behind the Catwalk

September 21, 2010

The day of the 3M Fashion Competition, when I first saw one of my designs on stage,  finally arrived last Thursday, on the 16th of September!

Ok, it wasn’t 100% mine as  I teamed up with costume designer and stylist Isabelle Phipps and set up The Paparazzi Team but still….I co-designed an outfit  for a competition and it was on the catwalk!!!  Fantastic!

3M Fashion Design Competition Dublin

Seriously, it was one of the most exciting and stressful (in a good way) days of my life. Not only all the frustration and late nights that are part of designing finally made sense but I have also learnt a great deal from other designers sharing their stories back stage and from just looking at  their pieces! The huge variety of ideas and interpretations as well as the different backgrounds of the designers made the competition a creative heaven!

3M Fashion Competition Dublin

Of course the best part of the evening was when I saw our model, Laura Whiston from Whisty Blogs Dublin Fashion, parading confidently in the Paparazzi costume! Even though the outfit didn’t get into the first three,  it didn’t matter because I knew we made a good one :)

3M Fashion Design Competition Dublin

And now, my Dear Readers, a few words about the inspiration behind the Paparazzi design and my gallery with all the designs including the winners..

Read more…

3M Fashion Show Heads Up

August 26, 2010

My Dear Readers,

A few weeks ago I have been blogging about 3M Fashion Design Competition by which I was very much intrigued – only 3M stationary products could be used to create an outfit with a wow factor worthy of a ranway. So after a (very short) moment of hesitency I said to myself, hey, I am so going to enter!!

3m dublin fashion show 2010

 Being close to my final year in Grafton Academy, I felt that I  needed to start entering competitions, and this one seemed just a  perfect one to start with!

 - Challenging – yesss!! (we could only use a limited range of 3M products in limited colours, a tricky combination!)

- Fun – oh, yeah!! (as I said, fashion and stationary is a match made in heaven!)

- A great opportunity to work in a team! (3M gave us the option of working on our own or as a team!)

So I asked Belle Phipps, LCAD graduade, costume designer and stylist to be my partner in crime and Laura Whiston, writer of blog Whisty Blogs Dublin Fashion  to be our model.

And here we are,  organizing fittings and working out the final details of the design! After many cups of coffee, late nights, and a lot of excitement, looks like everything is finally falling into place! 

We are hoping that many will attend and share our excitement on the 16th of September in Sugar Club.

 Not only you will have  a night of fun and excitement but you will also support a great cause – all the proceeds of the evening will go to  The Children’s Sunshine Home and Laura Lynn House.

 If you would like to attend please log onto and make your €20 donation. Then email your address to [email protected] and they will post you your ticket. Great prizes to be won on the night!

Please help to spread the word! Thank you for your support!

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